MBA Vs MSc – Which Business Management Course is Better?

Pursuing a higher degree in business management has become increasingly significant in today’s job market. With so many courses to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which is most suitable for your career objectives. Two of the most sought-after business management degrees in Singapore and around the world are MBA and MSc in Business Management.

Both MBA and MSc in Business Management offer valuable insights and training, along with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. This article compares both degrees to help you determine which course is better suited for your career aspirations.

The Key Difference Between MBA and MSc in Business Management

MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MSc in Business Management are two different graduate-level degrees in the field of business management. While both offer comprehensive knowledge about business theory and practice, they differ in their focus and structure.

Being an all-encompassing degree, MBA covers the core elements needed to manage a business which includes Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Management and many more. Obtaining an MBA will provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to succeed in any business environment. You will learn how to analyse data, think strategically, manage teams and resources, make decisions and develop plans for success. You will also gain a deep understanding of the international business environment and its key drivers. 

On the other hand, an MSc in Business Management is a more specialised degree that goes beyond just imparting knowledge of business and management practices. Its curriculum focuses on the importance of contemporary business and management, and the diverse range of skills and knowledge required for a modern business to be successful.

In summary, an MBA is a general programme in business administration, whereas an MSc in Business Management offers specialised knowledge in a particular area of the business and management field.

Career Options After Completing MBA and MSc in Business Management

Both the MBA and MSc in Business Management can open up a variety of career paths in the business world. However, the type of career you should pursue will largely depend on the focus of your degree and the skills and knowledge you acquired during the course.

An MBA degree can open doors to senior management positions in many organisations, allowing you to maximise your career potential within the corporate world. You will have access to a multitude of job opportunities across a range of industries such as consulting, manufacturing, finance, accounting, technology, and more. Moreover, the wide range of skills and knowledge that you have acquired through your MBA can be applied to various business functions such as data analytics, human resources, business development, accounting, auditing, data analytics, and marketing. 

In comparison, MSc in Business Management degree holders gain the expertise to pursue a range of specialised business roles. They may find work as supply chain managers, marketing specialists, project managers and research and development professionals. Alternatively, they could use their well-developed analytical skills along with their deep knowledge of business management to enter into data analysis or consulting roles. 

Choose the Right Business Management Course with Hanbridge Institute

A business management course can not only enhance your career prospects but also open up new opportunities in the business world. At Hanbridge Institute, we understand the importance of quality education and offer a wide range of business management courses to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to maximise exposure to the real business world or transition into a new career, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) and MSc International Business Management courses can equip you with the required skills and knowledge. Both courses are conducted in partnership with the University of Suffolk Business School.

To enrol in higher degree programmes, students need to complete a valid prerequisite degree beforehand. Alternatively, students without an existing prerequisite degree can enrol in our Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management course before enrolling in our MBA or MSc programmes.

Ready to take the next step towards your brighter future? Enrol in an MBA or MSc in Business Management course at our private school in Singapore. For any course enquiries offered at Hanbridge Institute, contact us today!



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