[News] Press Release (27 May 2022)

27 May 2022, Singapore

Hanbridge Institute Singapore awarded British Council Catalyst Grants for Enhancing Graduate Employability as part of UK – Malaysia – ASEAN + 3 Partnership Initiative with University of Suffolk, UK, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia and Change School, UK.

As part of the British Council’s Catalyst Grants for Enhancing Graduate Employability, which is a UK-Malaysia-ASEAN+3 Partnership Initiative, Hanbridge Institute Singapore has been invited to participate as an ASEAN partner. The British Council’s Catalyst Grants is awarded to the University of Suffolk, UK, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia, Change School, UK, and Hanbridge Institute, Singapore, in collaboration.

University of Suffolk, UK is a Transnational Education Partner with Hanbridge Institute in Singapore, where undergraduate and graduate business programs are offered at the Singapore campus.

The collaboration represents a significant milestone for Hanbridge Institute Singapore, jointly with partners seek to develop and provide inputs for a rigorous and skills-based curriculum, with an emphasis on student employability skills as part of any curriculum development for the project that will benefit all partner’s students and faculty.

The British Council’s Catalyst Grants support the concept of engaging the next generation of students with entrepreneurial mindsets in activities that inspire and captivate them. To train academics to teach students in an engaging manner, to lead a large number of students through ideation bootcamps, and to operate a pre-accelerator for students who wish to further develop their ideas, a programme based on a series of entrepreneurial activities will be developed. High student engagement, market-driven business ideas, and student-led collaborations are the desired outcomes. This catalyst grant is the optimal way to implement these plans.

The principal contributors to the British Council Catalyst Grants project, University of Suffolk Professor Gurpreet Jagpal and Emma Wakeling, stated that the University “will have leadership and overall responsibility for achieving objectives and risk management.”

Hanbridge Institute, Singapore Associate Professor Alan Go, Principal and Chief Operation Officer, stated with pride that “Hanbridge Institute will provide programme leadership in Singapore and be responsible for building an entrepreneurial ecosystem within Singapore and engaging other ASEAN +3 partners.”

As principal project contributors, Neil Marshall, Deepak Semwal, and Viren Lall of Change School,UK will design the train-the-trainer program, conduct the training, structure and prepare the detailed module for training students, and supervise trainers’ training of students. Professor Dr. Shaliza Ibrahim, Acting Director of the Institute of Research Management and Services, and Professor Dr. Saiful Anuar will lead the implementation and development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at Universiti Malaya, including the identification of potential knowledge exchange and research opportunities with participant organizations.

The partnerships will provide support for the delivery of workshops, seminars, and classes in all countries via face-to-face settings, eLearning, and virtual conferencing in accordance with each Institute’s operational time zone.

Hanbridge Institute, Singapore will play a crucial role in establishing alliances and working partnerships with relevant parties in Singapore that can contribute to the success of the project. With a strong track record of 20 years in the China market and S.E. Asia, the Institute will also spearhead collaborative initiatives as part of the consortium’s efforts to create opportunities for entrepreneurial collaborations as part of students learning outcomes. The project will result in the formation of a localized advisory board comprised of regional and local business people to improve the educational experience and employability of students.

Alan Go, Principal and COO, Hanbridge Institute, alango@hanbridge.edu.sg



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