Why Should You Study Entrepreneurship Courses in Singapore?

For most aspiring entrepreneurs, Singapore has always been an enticing place to live in and work due to its impressive economy and prodigious growth potential for businesses. Additionally, a lot of educational institutions in Singapore offer training programmes and courses that help individuals gain insights into the different business landscapes and kick-start their entrepreneurship journey. If you are planning to set up your own business, there are numerous reasons that make Singapore an attractive place for your new venture. 

1. Easy Incorporation

The first and foremost step to start the business venture of your dreams is its incorporation. In Singapore, business incorporation requirements are straightforward, and the process is relatively simple. With one of the most efficient and bureaucracy-free regulatory frameworks in the world, Singapore has become the first choice of most budding entrepreneurs.

2. A Robust Economy

With no external public debt, low unemployment and inflation rates and a growing current account surplus, Singapore has been making the best use of its funds on housing, education, transport, and healthcare. All these factors contribute to making Singapore a robust and sound economy. 

3. Productive Workforce

Singapore is also well-recognised for its excellent education system and as a result, its workforce consists of individuals who have a reputation for being productive, hard-working, and highly skilled in specific fields. Additionally, Singapore’s easy-going immigration policy allows global talent to be a part of the country’s workforce.

4. Excellent Infrastructure

Singapore’s world-class infrastructure includes the country’s airport, highways, subways, internet infrastructure, commercial buildings, and everything that helps in the development of the country. Furthermore, due to the use of updated technology, the modern infrastructure helps in improving the productivity of any business enterprise.

Study in Singapore and Have Business Opportunities Come your Way

Studying in Singapore has its own set of benefits when you want to explore future business opportunities in this fast-paced nation. The country’s educational institutes are among some highly ranked and well-regarded institutions in the world. One of its most well-known is Hanbridge Institute, which has obtained the 4-years EduTrust-Certificate award in 2020. Hanbridge Institute provides high-quality education standards and is one of the most trusted private education institutions for aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore. 

Hanbridge Institute Singapore has also been invited to participate as an ASEAN partner as part of the ‘British Council’s Catalyst Grants for Enhancing Graduate Employability’, a UK-Malaysia ASEAN+3 Partnership Initiative. The British Council’s Catalyst Grant is awarded to the Hanbridge Institute, Singapore, University of Suffolk, UK, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia, and Change School, UK, in collaboration. This is to support the concept of engaging the next generations with entrepreneurial mindsets in activities that inspire and captivate them. Academics will be trained to teach students engagingly to empower them to lead students through ideation boot camps, and operate a pre-accelerator for those who wish to further develop their ideas. The programme will consist of a series of entrepreneurial activities that will result in high student engagement, market-driven business ideas, and student-led collaborations. 

Training and Courses at Hanbridge to Fulfil your Entrepreneurial Dreams

If you are planning to set up your business in Singapore, our entrepreneurship courses will equip you with the necessary training and foundation required to start your own business successfully. At Hanbridge Institute, our accredited courses will provide you with an ideal study path by educating you on all the fundamentals and applicable skills that are valued by larger organisations, crucial for those looking to do business. You will also get the required exposure to the business world so that you can build a better path to setting up your start-up. 

  1. Entrepreneurship Training & Diploma Courses

If you are involved in the early stages of a start-up company, or are planning to launch your own business, our entrepreneurship training and courses in Singapore will help you get familiar with popular business practices in the International and Asia Region. Enrolling in our Diploma in Business Management courses will allow individuals to explore business opportunities and prepare for higher learning.

  1. Higher Diploma in Business Management

Most of the students who have completed their diploma courses with Hanbridge level up their knowledge by opting for a Higher Diploma in Business Management (General Business Studies) which helps them in getting a better vision of the business world. Similarly, a Higher Diploma in Business Management (Entrepreneurship Innovation Management) will help you face the entrepreneurial world while working on your design thinking and problem-solving skills. Get the required exposure to realistic entrepreneurial situations and develop experiential, interactive and integrative learning. If you are inclined toward starting a business in FinTech, consider our Higher Diploma in Business Management (Business FinTech Management). Learn about the new technologies, and skills required to work in a Fintech environment, and get the required training to work on developing your own business model that is relevant to the times. 

  1. MBA and Added Specialisation

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Business Innovation can help you build a strong foundation for postgraduate studies, including MBA in a variety of disciplines. The Master of Business Administration by Hanbridge Institute in Singapore falls under its School of Business, is valued by both the private and public sectors, and is focused on maximising one’s exposure to the business world. After obtaining an MBA degree, you can even get yourself an added specialisation such as MSc in International Business and Management that will give you the opportunity to visit regional businesses, local organisations and competitors to get better insight into the business world. 

At Hanbridge in Singapore, enrol yourself in courses that bring you closer to your dream business venture. We are not just about entrepreneurship training and courses, but we also offer Preparatory, English, Summer, Adult learning courses and more. For all your queries related to our programmes, contact us today.



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