Life in Hanbridge, from a Diploma student

Wonder what it’s like to study a business management diploma at Hanbridge Institute, Singapore? Vincy is here to share her experience as a student in the Diploma in Business Management programme at our Institute.

What is your favourite subject? What do you like about it?

1) My favourite subject is Talent and Professional Development. This is the first professional course I came into contact with when I came to Singapore. By learning Talent and Professional Development, I have mastered new knowledge such as Talent Engagement and Talent Retention. For me, this course is very easy to understand and learn. A lot of the things that we learned in this course are going to be used in subsequent courses as well.

Who is your favourite teacher? Why?

2) Among my current teachers, my favourite is Ms. Nicole Lim. She has been teaching us since mid-December 2021. Ms. Nicole Lim is a very gentle person, and she explains her lessons very carefully in case we don’t understand. She also gave us a lot of help in our homework, and gave us very detailed revision suggestions. I’m very grateful to her!

What is your favourite part of studying at Hanbridge?

3) My favourite part of studying at Hanbridge is its course arrangements. All the courses and time arranged by Hanbridge are my favourite, which provides me with enough spare time for me to organise myself. Moreover, these courses will not make me feel particularly stressed, but also make me feel satisfied with my study.

What do you like the most about living in Singapore?

4) What I like the most about living in Singapore is the sense of freedom. In addition to arranging my own time, I can also learn to be independent step by step. Many things I didn’t do or didn’t need to do by myself before, now I will try and am willing to try.

When you’re not doing school-related things, what is your favourite pastime?

5) When I’m not doing school-related things, I like writing, reading, and listening to music. These are my hobbies all the time. Reading can increase my knowledge, bring me inspiration for writing and let me learn more. On weekdays, I will write diaries and novels to practise writing, improve my writing, and express my feelings. Listening to music is not only to relax myself, but also to find a resonance.

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Vincy is Hanbridge Institute’s Dean’s List recipient for the Diploma in Business Management programme (2021)



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